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Rewinding Services

Independent Spooling Machine
Smartwinder spooling machine

10/12/15 - Pagell Corporation is pleased to announce the additional of a new Independent Smartwinder spooling machine. With both razor and score slitting this multi head spooler is capable of converting a wide variety of materials and can handle slit widths from ¼” to 1.125” wide, a maximum spool face of 15”and the maximum outside diameter of 19”.

Smartwinder spooling machine

Some of the advantages of using a spool versus a traditional pancake roll are longer machine run times and faster line speed, fewer roll changes which means less machine down time and fewer splices. In addition working with a spool is much easier and safer than trying to handle a narrow width unstable roll and in the end using traverse wound spools will increase your overall yield.

Smartwinder spooling machine Smartwinder spooling machine Smartwinder spooling machine